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We are an academic research database, whose primary mission is to record experimental provenance and communicate data among scientists with shared research interests. For example, we are focused on the following issues and questions :

Basic Account Information and Personal Identification

To address the issues and questions above, and service these requests, we capture the following contact information:

Further, our services also collect your IP address and usage data, automatically.

We also use cookies, to track your session and assist with authentication and data access.

If you are uncomfortable with any of our requests of your personally identifying data (above), you should opt-out of using our services. Also, if cookies are blocked, you will not be able to use our services.

Public Infomation

If your research data is viewable, anyone that can see that data can contact you about it (using the Basic Account Information, above). Similarly, if your data is published (i.e. world-viewable) this means your email is also public/world-viewable. Our approach is similar to the "Author Information" sections that are available from either PubMed, a scientific journal's website, or perhaps within the text of your own manuscripts.

Usage of Contact and Personally Identifiable Data

As mentioned above, we are concerned with experimental provenance, scientific collaboration/communication, and providing reliable services.

Use of Cookies

We use a browser-cookie so that you do not have to repetitively authenticate over the course of a database-session. This cookie lasts for as long as the browser remains active. However, if no user-activity is detected for a couple hours, the previously authenticated session is terminated on the server side. To actively terminate your authenticated database session on the client-side, close your browser or click the "Logout" button found at the top-right of each page's header. This is the recommended action if you are using a shared computer, so that someone that immediately follows you does not have access to your data, inadvertently.

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