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The Princeton University MicroArray database (PUMAdb) stores raw and normalized data from microarray experiments, as well as their corresponding image files. In addition, PUMAdb provides interfaces for data retrieval, analysis and visualization. For high-throughput sequencing assays, please visit the HTSEQ project.

2018-05-25 : Users of our database should familiarize themselves with our privacy policies.

2018-04-16 : PUMA registered users now must authenticate against the Princeton CAS. Please email array@princeton.edu if you have any questions or problems.

2014-08-20 : A new option has been added under the first page of "Experiment and Result Entry" to create a batch file for Agilent/Genepix experiments. Help is located here.

Recent Publications

2020-10-01 : Multiple intrinsically disordered RNA-binding motifs cooperate as RNA-folding catalyst and mediate phase transition Neidner et al. 2020. (in preparation)

2019-01-09 : A Gene Expression Screen in Drosophila melanogaster Identifies Novel JAK/STAT and EGFR Targets During Oogenesis. Wittes J and Schupbach T (2019) G3 (Bethesda) 9(1):47-60

2018-11-16 : Post-transcriptional gene regulation by an Hfq-independent small RNA in Caulobacter crescentus. Frohlich KS, et al. (2018) Nucleic Acids Res 46(20):10969-10982

Project Funding and Support: PUMAdb is a project within the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics at Princeton University. PUMAdb was funded in part by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) [NIH grant P50 GM071508]. Software and schema were based on the Stanford Microarray Database software package, with ongoing development and maintenance.

Permission to use the information contained in this database was given by the researchers/institutes who contributed or published the information. Users of the database are solely responsible for compliance with any copyright restrictions, including those applying to the author abstracts. Users of our database should familiarize themselves with our privacy policies. Documents from this server are provided "AS-IS" without any warranty, expressed or implied.